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Through Paul's Eyes

By N.T. Wright

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Throughout his letters to the early Christian churches, Paul's basic point is one of unity. He urges not merely a pat unity of similarity, but one encompassing disparate cultures and individuals. To many 21st century observers, however, it seems that the Church has either forgotten or abandoned that attractive vision. Why?
In this new ebook, Prof. Wright points readers towards recovery of church unity in all its robustness by exploring Paul’s message in Philippians to ‘have the same mind’, which is not to say sharing all the same opinions.

In this ebook you will explore:

  • A history of church unity, holiness, and difference.
  • How ‘having the same mind’ means thinking in a way totally shaped by the reality of Jesus.
  • The implications of unity (or disunity) for discipleship, evangelism, and the spiritual life.