The Servant King by N. T. Wright – Explore one of The Bible’s greatest poems, and embrace its divine wisdom on transforming tragedy into victory.

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Explore one of the Bible’s greatest poems, and embrace its divine wisdom on transforming tragedy into victory.

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The Servant King

Only $89.99

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About the Course
Though Isaiah 52-53 typically gets the most attention, the entirety of Isaiah 40-55 should be revered as one of the greatest poems contained within the Bible. At the time it was written, Israel was in exile, living in ruins due to its own disobedience.

In a mere 15 verses, we’re introduced to:

  • A remarkable picture of God as both the Creator of Heaven and Earth, as well as the covenant God of Israel
  • The context for the so-called “Suffering Servant” section, which explains that God intends, through the servant, to make all things new
  • His way of turning tragedy into victory—a critical recurring focus of the overall Biblical narrative, and a major eventual influence on the New Testament writers

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Recommended for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to apply the context of a key prophetic Biblical text to their everyday life
  • Those interested in exploring servant leadership in a Biblical context
  • Clergy looking for resources or inspiration to enhance their sermons and other work in the church, as well as their personal ongoing spiritual journey
  • Fans of N.T. Wright interested in Professor Wright’s perspective on the importance of seeing the whole Bible as telling one large, redemptive story

What knowledge and tools are required:

  • A recent translation of the Bible
  • A curious mind

What’s included:

  • Inspiration and practical tips for understanding the lessons and themes of Isaiah 40-55
  • Online lectures by N.T. Wright
  • Interactive quizzes 
  • Discussions with others on the same path
  • Communication with Prof. David Seemuth, Your Co-Instructor

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