Worldviews, the Bible, and the Believer
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This course is designed to take students into the realm of what a ‘worldview’ is and how it affects both beliefs and behaviors.

While most people think about ‘beliefs’ and ‘actions’, the real power behind each is the interplay that occurs within a person’s or society’s worldview. Understanding this worldview, particularly of the world of the New Testament, will assist students of the Bible in understanding what a New Testament text meant in its own context.

Prof. Wright will describe the worldviews of the first century Romans, Jews, and Christians. He will then move through history to describe the Western worldview as a way of helping students discern where they fit and how to look at and through their own lenses in the 21st century.

Prof. Wright will be joined by Prof. David Seemuth who will look at the U.S. worldview of the early 21st century as an outgrowth and reaction to the Western worldview that emerged from the Enlightenment period.

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