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Let Your Mind Be Renewed

N.T. Wright Online courses are made possible through the collaboration between N.T. Wright, Professor at St. Andrews University, Scotland, and David Seemuth, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies. The courses are not affiliated with St. Andrews University and carry no formal credit, but are meant to be sources of enrichment for those who choose to participate in the classes.

Courses include

  • Video lecture material

  • Written material to augment the videos

  • Textbook recommendations

  • Assessment tools (i.e., quizzes)

  • Discussion sections so you can dialogue with fellow students

If you want to follow a biblical course with 2 professors with the same enthusiasm as the students and at the same time renew your mind, follow ‘Galatians’


I can’t begin to state all that I have learned (and continue to learn as I go back and re-read sections) from this course. The Gospel is even more amazing, splendid, and wonderful than I understood before! It Really IS Good News! And it’s Good News for the whole world, the whole creation. Thank you for your hard work and efforts putting together these courses. I plan to take every one of them!


I am a licensed local pastor for the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Kansas. I am thankful and excited for the courses I have signed up for through Udemy for many reasons. First, would be the cost effective learning. As a pastor I do not make a lot of money and my small church cannot afford the price tag associated with seminary classes that are not degree related. But, in the UMC, we are expected to continue to learn after we receive a degree. So Udemy courses are quality learning at affordable prices. Second, is the quality of learning. Being able to take a course from someone as reputable as N.T. Wright is unheard of normally. Third, I can edify the flock in my care without having to leave the area. Everything I’m learning is passed on in my sermons. Lastly, but not least, is the way my spiritual life is refreshed so I can continue to pour into my congregation. Thank you for making a wonderful learning experience available online!


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