Certifications from NT Wright Online


We are excited to offer certifications for students completing multiple courses by Prof. N.T. Wright!

N.T. Wright Online launched its first course in partnership with Prof. N.T. Wright in May 2015. We now have more than 30 courses! Many of our students have enrolled and completed multiple courses. We want to make sure these students get the recognition they deserve.

Why Get Certified?

N.T. Wright Online courses are not accredited by any university or institution. Nonetheless, the level of scholarship Prof. Wright brings to biblical studies is extraordinary.

Students who complete multiple courses covering corresponding subject matter are receiving a high level of education. We know many are using their knowledge in their ministries to benefit the people to whom they minister. We would like to recognize these students for their personal investment in their own growth.

We also know there are many who are required to continue their education in order to maintain their credentials. These certifications are a new way to help meet those requirements.

Completing Your Certification

  1. Enroll in a course on the Udemy platform using the links provided.
  2. Upon completion of a course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Udemy for that specific course. Download and save each certificate from your course dashboard in Udemy. NOTE: Udemy does not provide certificates for free courses. We ask students to verify completion of the free courses they have taken.
  3. After you have completed all of the required courses for a certification, email a copy of the Udemy certificates to us at wccs@wisccs.org.
  4. We will process your submission within 14 days and send you a personalized certificate signed by Prof. N.T. Wright and Dr. David P. Seemuth in recognition of your hard work.

There is no fee to receive the certification. If you wish to make a donation to our ministry, you may do so at www.wisccs.org/give.

NTWO Certificate of Completion Example Only

Important Reminders

All students are encouraged to go through the courses at their own pace. There is no deadline for completing any of the courses or a particular certification.  Once enrolled, students have lifetime access to the course. Please take the time necessary to absorb what you are learning from each course.

Certifications from N.T. Wright Online carry no formal credit with any institution or University. However, there are organizations that will count certifications towards continuing educational requirements.

Udemy does not share personal student information with instructors. We cannot verify or view student completion of multiple courses through the Udemy platform. For help finding a course specific certification from Udemy, please visit www.udemy.com/support and click ‘Certificate of Completion’.

Available Certifications

N.T. Wright Online is pleased to offer certifications upon completion of ‘Knowing Jesus’, ‘Kingdom Living’, ‘Paul and the Prison Letters’, or ‘Church Foundations’.

Additional certifications listed include courses that are still under development. Check back here for updates as they become available. 

However, we encourage you to enrol now and begin your study towards the certifications that include courses listed as ‘coming soon’. Most courses are designed to take 8 – 12 weeks to complete as you reflect and think deeply on the material being presented.

NT Wright Online Knowing Jesus Certification

Knowing Jesus

Kingdom Living

NT Wright Online Paul and the Prison Letters Certification

Paul and the
Prison Letters

NT Wright Online Theological Foundations Certification


NT Wright Online Church Foundations Certification

Church Foundations

NT Wright Online Old Testament Foreshadows of Christ Certification

Old Testament
Foreshadows of Christ

NT Wright Online Synoptic Gospels Certification

Synoptic Gospels

Plans for additional certifications are still in development. Check back here for future updates!

Some courses follow books written by N.T. Wright.  Reading books that correspond to online courses are recommended but not required to receive certification.