NT Wright Online Paul and the Prison Letters Certification

Paul and the Prison Letters

Enroll in this study of the Apostle Paul’s letters written from prison to the early Church. Unlock what motivated Paul as Prof. N.T. Wright traces the early life of Saul of Tarsus. Examine what happened on the Damascus Road (followed by a decade of silence) that shaped Paul the Apostle, and a prisoner for Christ. Follow Paul’s travels throughout the ancient world and study writings that created new paradigms for Jesus’ first followers.

You will learn from the ‘prison letters’ what it means to be part of ‘Messiah’s people’ who build for God’s Kingdom. Study the themes of wisdom, unity, holiness, and thanksgiving, which will renew your mind and refresh your heart.

The curriculum that comprises this Certification includes 69 lectures, corresponding quizzes at the end of each section, and discussion questions that may be used for personal devotions or interaction with others in an online Q&A forum. Discover how these epistles speak truth for the Church in today’s world.

Required Courses

Courses include more than 21 hours of video content.