NT Wright Online Theological Foundations Certification

Theological Foundations

The advanced curriculum that comprises this Certification includes four courses from the Biblical texts, and a fifth course from Prof. Wright’s 2018 Gifford Lectures. At the end of each section, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the material with quizzes, and time to reflect with discussion questions. Dig deeply into Paul’s earliest letter alongside his great theological treatise and be renewed in your mind and refreshed for the work of God’s Kingdom.

Study the Apostle Paul’s grand view of God, the Church, and hope in Jesus the King. Discover how Paul’s magisterial writings of God’s justice and faithfulness in his letter to the Romans unfolds like a symphony in four movements. You will engage with Israel’s history in Paul’s letter to the Galatians and learn why Israel’s past is vital to understanding who Jesus is for today’s world. These courses examine the themes of justification and grace, the role of the Law in the life of the Christian, and what it means to live as God’s new creation as one new family.

Required Courses

Courses include more than 28 hours of video content.