NT Wright Online Old Testament Foreshadows of Christ Certification

Old Testament Foreshadows of Christ

You are invited to study how Scripture presents the overarching story of God. Study with Prof. Wright who will guide you in learning how the many stories of the Bible come together to form one coherent narrative. Examine the Biblical narrative and find your place within this great storied world. Learn how the extraordinary and often mysterious stories of Daniel and his friends fits into the overall picture of Jesus’s life and the lives of his followers today. Explore one of the Bible’s greatest poems in Isaiah 40-55 and embrace the divine wisdom from the Lord’s Servant who transforms tragedy into victory.

Journey though the songbook of the Old Testament as you study poetic promises, songs of praise, and prayers of lament.

The curriculum that comprises this Certification includes five intermediate courses. Throughout each section of these courses, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the material with quizzes, and time to reflect with discussion questions. The overall aim is to be transformed by grasping the redemptive story of the Bible and to explore servant leadership in a Biblical context. The prophetic promises will renew your vision for ministry and the Psalter will energize your ongoing walk with God.

Required Courses

Courses include more than 25 hours of video content.