NT Wright Online Synoptic Gospels Certification

Synoptic Gospels

Study the most prominent figure in human history as Prof. N.T. Wright immerses you in the life, teaching, and work of Jesus of Nazareth. You will grasp a fuller picture of the setting of the Roman and Jewish contexts in the first century from the perspective of a historian. Learn why Jesus’ message was so subversive and examine in depth the reasons for his death. As you study, you will see afresh why people in the first century and today believe in his resurrection. Explore the story of Jesus, the Good News he announced, and the key elements of his public career that signified God was becoming King.

The curriculum that comprises this Certification includes four intermediate courses that explore important passages from the Gospels. You are not required to purchase the book ‘Simply Jesus’, but you may wish to use it as a study guide. Throughout each section of these courses, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the material with quizzes, and time to reflect with discussion questions. The overall aim is for your mind to be renewed by reflecting deeply on the life and actions of Jesus in history. You will be transformed by the Gospel that announces Jesus as both Lord and King over God’s new creation and one new family.

Required Courses

Courses include more than 20 hours of video content.

Gospel of Matthew

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Gospel of Luke

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