One of our main goals at Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies is to make the teachings of Prof. N.T. Wright accessible globally. Our vision is to bring the Word to the world through the ministry of N.T. Wright Online. A lot of work goes into this process of creating and producing courses. You may not realize that the ‘tuition’ we charge for one of our courses only covers roughly one-third of the total cost of delivering it to your laptop or smartphone.

We also know that paying the full tuition amount is not possible for some who wish to learn from Prof. Wright. Our desire is to eliminate financial obstacles to enrollment for those in need. Therefore, we offer options for partial or full scholarship opportunities, which are provided by faithful donors and supporters of our ministry. 

Each scholarship inquiry is evaluated on an individual basis after receiving a short application form. The information gathered helps us to get to know our students and understand how they are using N.T. Wright Online courses. Additionally, it is valuable for facilitating connections between our scholarship recipients with the donors who make it possible.

Some of the questions on the scholarship form enquire about how many courses students have taken, or which have made the most lasting impressions. We also ask for a brief explanation of how N.T. Wright Online resources are useful for the applicant specifically. We have been greatly encouraged by seeing so many scholarship recipients use our resources in advancement of God’s Kingdom, whether through translation work, congregational teaching, or community building.

Here are some reflections offered by scholarship recipient, Rev. Pam: 

My community that I pastor are hungry for the Word. I teach simply and clearly for them to understand, and with N.T. Wright’s teaching I have background and clear understanding of the text and am able to pass this on. My community are poor and don’t have high education. Reaching and teaching them is so important and they are growing in faith and vision through God’s Word clearly taught. Thank you for this opportunity.

Now more than ever we rely on partners and friends who share our vision to make Prof. Wright’s teaching accessible and affordable around the world. You can help us keep tuition costs low and continue providing scholarship opportunities. With your help, we hope to enable lifelong learners and students, teachers, ministry workers, and others through reduced tuition costs. 

We invite you to partner with us during our upcoming virtual fundraiser at 7am or 7pm CST on November 14th. Learn more at 

If you would like to offer your financial gift to our ministry, you may do so at

Thank you!

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Jennifer Loop

Jennifer Loop is Director of Ministry Engagement for the Wisconsin Centre for Christian Studies. Currently, she is working towards her doctorate in the study of practical theology at Durham University, centering her research on forgiveness. Jennifer has served as a leader in Celebrate Recovery, a Christian 12-step recovery program. She is married to Gary and they live in West Bend, WI with their twenty-one-year-old cat, Caleb.