Paul and His Letter to the Romans – Part 2

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Prof. N.T. Wright walks students through the central portion of this profound Epistle written by the Apostle Paul.

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Chapters 6-11

Few writings in the history of the world have had the impact that Paul’s Epistle to the Romans has had in the past centuries. Prof. N.T. Wright, renowned biblical scholar and historian, will walk you through Paul’s Letter to the Romans. The course shines a bright spotlight on one of the most wonderful and challenging books in the New Testament. The powerful realities Paul expresses in his Epistle to the Romans have challenged men and women for nearly 2,000 years. People like St. Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wesley were profoundly changed by embracing the essential elements found in this magnificent letter. Dig deep into the New Testament through studying this amazing and pivotal work from the pen of the Apostle Paul through detailed explanation with Prof. N.T. Wright.

This course is Part Two of a three-part course covering the whole of Paul and His Letter to the Romans. This course, Romans: Part Two, is designed to take around fifteen weeks to complete and continues the study of the Epistle with an in depth exegesis of Romans 6:1-11:36.  This section of the letter builds on and develops previous elements outlined in Part One, and emphasizes that Romans as a whole is a letter about God.

In this section you will explore questions such as:

  • If God loves us so much and freely extends his grace, then why not live like we want? Why not continue in sin that his grace may abound?
  • Is Romans 7 really giving a picture of the struggle of the Christian life?
  • What argument is Paul making and how does he support the idea that there is ‘no condemnation’ for those in the Messiah Jesus?
  • How does the dense and often difficult section of Romans 9-11 emerge from what Paul has been talking about in Romans 1-8? What can we say about the promises God made to his people long ago who do not seem to have noticed?

The textbook is Prof. Wright’s commentary on Romans in the Paul for Everyone series published by John Knox Press in the U.S. and SPCK in the UK.

The structure of the course includes:

  • Lectures by Prof. Wright
  • Quizzes to assess comprehension
  • Student discussions
  • Interaction with Prof. David Seemuth, your co-instructor for the course
  • Textbook readings
  • Interaction with the biblical text itself

If you are interested in exploring these and other questions from this powerful and important letter from the apostle Paul, then you will want to enroll in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Any student of the Bible should be interested in this most powerful letter of the New Testament. Paul and His Letter to the Romans provides the basis for so much theology upon which Christians stand that this letter must be studied in depth.
  • While this course will contain some rather elaborate explanations, the beginning student interested in the New Testament will still be able to understand much of what Prof. Wright explains.