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Embrace the concept of ‘good news’ as it was understood in the 1st Century New Testament world in order to live in it!

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There is a lot going on in the news these days and it seems to travels quickly!

News’ is about something that has happened—something as a result of which the world is going to be different. News is also about how other things are going to happen for which we have to get ready.

We invite you to enroll in this short course based on Prof. N.T. Wright’s book, Simply Good News. You will instantly get into the heart of the idea of what makes something ‘good news’. You will also be brought into the world of the 1st Century writers of the New Testament in order to make more sense of what ‘good news’ means in our world today. You may wish to acquire Prof. Wright’s book, Simply Good News, in whatever format that works for you. This course will be a great introduction to Prof. Wright’s book that will allow you to live in a place where ‘good news’ makes a difference.