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The Public Life of the People of Christ

A Study in Philippians with N.T. Wright


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The people of Christ can be found in schools, government, entertainment, and of course, on social media. With the world watching and often waiting for answers, we need a robust biblical theology for guiding how we participate in public life. We invite you to explore some of your own questions and discern how the letter to the Philippians continues to speak to these issues in your life today.

Paul writes his letter to the Philippians from prison and isn’t sure whether he will be executed or released. Nonetheless, the Epistle is known for the joyous outlook that Paul communicates to his readers. We will enter into this world where the ‘private walk with Christ’ meets with the ‘calling for public engagement’ with the outside world.

‘The Public Life of the People of Christ’ was a live webcast originally recorded over five days from 15-19 February 2021. Prof. N.T. Wright delivered this series of 10 lectures from his home near St. Andrews—whilst in the process of moving house from Scotland to England.

Several hundred people around the world attended daily, representing more than 15 countries across six continents. Each video contains approximately 45 minutes of teaching by Prof. Wright, followed by daily sessions of live questions and answers. The Q&A time features a different host every day who moderated the session and selected questions from various participants during the live event.

Additional features of this course are Practice Exercises following each session and the provision of the transcripts of all sessions and daily Q&A sessions.


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Who should take this course:

  • For anyone interested in entering into the biblical world to explore how God’s Word continues to speak into our lives and contemporary culture.
  • For those who are curious about where their ‘private walk with Christ’ meets with the ‘calling for public engagement’ with the outside world.
  • For students, Bible teachers, preachers, clergy, or lay leaders who want to dig deeper into Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
  • For anyone who desires to learn more about biblical theology and practical theology.
  • For people who want to think deeply about current events and civic issues and what Scripture can teach us for today.

What you’ll learn:

  • Explore the depths of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
  • Discover a scriptural foundation for what it means to be the people of Christ in the public sphere.
  • Learn about Paul’s difficult circumstances and the apostolic reassurance he offers while writing from prison.
  • Be inspired by the joyous outlook of Philippians.

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