The following is an interview with Nicholas Booth, Pastor of Romain Park Christian Center in Tasmania, Australia and a recipient of our Kingdom Living Certification.

1. Approximately how long did it take you to complete the Kingdom Living Certification?

Generally, a subject will take me about 2 to 3 months at the rate of one lecture per week. Some are a little shorter and some are a little longer. So, I completed it at a slow and deliberate pace. This Kingdom Living Certification track probably took me between a year and a year and a half.

2. Of the courses that are part of the Certification programme, was there one course that stood out, or where you had a particular ‘a-ha’ moment?

The courses that were the standouts in this Certification are Themes in the Gospel of John, Reading Scripture in Public, and The Lord’s Prayer. I first fell in love with the Gospel of John when I became a Christian and I actually majored in the Johannines during my studies.

Prayer and Scripture also form a major priority in my ministry, and this would probably be the reason behind why these two are stand outs also.

3. We hope that these courses will enable students to develop a ‘Kingdom’ worldview. Is/was there a particular contemporary issue that one of these courses encouraged you to navigate well, or perhaps to see things differently? 

I think that the ‘Worldviews, the Bible, and the Believer’ is a course that should be taken by every Christian. I myself had left this one until the very end of the certification. I had originally taken most of the other courses when they related to my studies, and I had not thought to take this subject until the certification track became available.

4. Can you tell us more about your experience and how you engage with the courses?

I spend time each week watching a lecture by Tom Wright on a Monday morning as part of my personal devotional time and to recharge from a ministry weekend. It has also been useful as part of my personal and professional development for ministry over the years. Tom’s insights feed my mind, inspire my hunger for God’s word, and encourage me to study God’s word deeply. I so appreciate how I am led to think biblically.

5. Are N.T. Wright Online courses only for pastors or Bible teachers?

I actually first discovered N.T. Wright Online while doing studies on the book of Romans some years ago whilst doing a Masters. The thing that I have appreciated most in both his writing and online teaching is that he writes and teaches equally for the everyday believer, pastor, and theological student. This really is remarkable and such a gift. 

6. Why do you think the courses in the Kingdom Living Certification are so important?  

During my undergraduate studies, my college president would emphasise to us the need for both a head and heart relationship with God. Over the years I have recognised that knowing the word of God is as necessary as knowing the God of the Word. I further believe that it is necessary to develop skills for the tasks of ministry as well as maintaining a disciplined walk with Jesus. 

The seven subjects within the Kingdom Living section serve as a reminder of how we are to use the scriptures, prayer, faith, and love for just such a purpose. The courses that are part of this certification are certainly suitable for believers of all levels of maturity.

Certifications allows the student to gain a considered and well-rounded view of the topics covered in each track. The Kingdom Living track gives a great entry into the courses offered from Prof. Wright. I encourage people to take advantage of the great courses available from N.T. Wright Online.

7. Any final reflections?

Thank you for all the great Bible teaching and spiritual mentoring material that you have made available over the recent years. I think that I have actually taken advantage of every course offered so far.

With Blessings,

Ps Nicholas Booth

Tasmania, Australia


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