We’re pleased to announce that Prof. Wright’s next course is inspired by and expands on the important insights in one of his most beloved books, Suprised by Hope.

Many people have questions about what happens after we die and wonder if hope is simply about our ultimate future destination. It is a common assumption in Western Christianity that the primary message is about ‘going up to heaven to be with God’. 

What if there is so much more to Christian hope than something that is going to happen later that will take us away from this world to a ‘better place’? What if there is more to the Good News that Jesus proclaimed than just ‘life after death’? 

This new course, Surprised by the God of Hope, addresses many questions people ask about ‘where we go’ after we die, including probing ideas about heaven, hell, and purgatory

Professor N.T. Wright explains why Jesus’ resurrection offers surprising answers by the God of hope who came to take charge of his world and dwell with his people in Jesus of Nazareth and through the Spirit. Over a series of 24 lectures you will learn how the Christian hope for life in God’s new creation should inspire and inform the mission of the church and individual followers of Jesus today.

Watch Prof. Wright Introduce the Course

In this course you will be encouraged to learn the reasons for our hope right here and right now. We invite you to explore these ideas and to be refreshed and renewed along the way, and perhaps, surprised by the God of hope.

Surprised by the God of Hope will be released March 18th.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

Surprised by the God of Hope Intro from David Seemuth on Vimeo.

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