About Jennifer Loop

Jennifer Loop received her MA in Christian Studies from Trinity International University. She is the Content Developer for the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study. With her theological insight and organizational skills, she plays a critical role in online education by guiding the online student experience. Jennifer enjoys engaging with a ‘virtual community’ of diverse students and learners and observing the intersection of theology, faith, and practice.

God’s New Language

Almost every parent I know can recall what it was like on the day their child was born. Two weeks ago, when

God’s New Language2020-06-03T06:22:54-06:00

Why I Keep My Headcovering

Sometimes when my husband, Gary, and I are speaking together at a seminar or conference, he will introduce himself as, ‘Mr. Jennifer

Why I Keep My Headcovering2020-05-12T10:43:46-06:00