As you know, we’re working right now with Prof. Wright on a new course on the Book of Genesis!

The course focuses on reading Genesis as a narrative within the larger story of the Bible.

Because Prof. Wright is a New Testament scholar, he heavily relies on other’s works, such as Dr. John Walton’s writings. Dr. Walton is a Professor at Wheaton College.

We had the chance to interview Dr. Walton and asked him how our modern worldview makes studying Genesis difficult.

In this video clip, you’ll see his fascinating answer: just because Genesis is written ‘for us’ doesn’t mean Genesis is written ‘to us.’

If you appreciate Dr. Walton’s idea here, you’ll want to watch a longer video over at BioLogos entitled ‘Origins Today: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes.

BioLogos, an organization founded by Prof. Wright, Dr. Francis Collins and others addresses this and many other topics related to science and creation.

Enjoy these videos, and watch for the release of Prof. Wright’s course on the Book of Genesis in the coming days.

While you’re waiting for this course to begin, you might want to peruse our other 30+ offerings at

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David P. Seemuth

David Seemuth is the Founder and President of the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study which exists to bring transformation to Christian believers through the renewal of the mind. He and Prof. N.T. Wright collaborate in online course development and launched N.T. Wright Online in 2015. David has been an Adjunct Professor at Trinity International University for over 35 years and teaches in the area of Biblical Studies, specializing in the New Testament. He also served as an Associate Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI, for 30 years.

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